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The Middle Class Musician

In recent years, the music industry has been flipped on it's head due to advances in technology and a massive shift in how people consume music. This Nashville based podcast explores what it means to be an intentional musician and what it looks lik...

Audio.Video.Disco Podcast

We are a couple of fellas that go by the name Nick and Tim. We mainly look to have a good time by discomforting ourselves and others by providing useless observation. We like to think of ourselves as funnier then we probably are. We have a podcast th...

Enter The Restroom

Enter Walt's studio 'The Restroom' to hear him and co-host Uly talk to guests about everything from music production to politics. Be a fly on the wall and Enter The Restroom.

Fandomania: Geek Music

The Fandomania: Geek Music podcast features interviews with various musicians in the nerdcore and geek music scenes. Sometimes you'll get extra commentary on subjects related to geek music as well.

Dan's BandCampaign Podcast

Dan Mayes hosts a monthly show interviewing bands and artists discovered on, discussing all things musical and beyond.

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