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Podmax Podcast: Let's Talk About Movies

Two guys who happen to be related talk about movies, the good and the bad.

Movies Made Me

Join us as we discuss the movies that influence us and help us form our identities. Virtually every one of us has had a film experience that altered us in some way, that gave us a passion, a fear, a way of looking at the world. These are the movies...

Who Shot First?

Nashville's podcast where friends fight about films. Ready, Aim, FIRE! This is Who Shot First?!

Louis Katz podcast

The personal podcast of comedian Louis Katz. There is no regular theme, topics, or co-host. He just talks about whatever he wants to talk about with whoever he wants to talk to, because he resents having to start a podcast in the first place.

Lower the Bar

Join two 1st generation friends as we attempt to crack wise and discuss pop culture, growing up in immigrant households, and discuss geo-political issues at a 3rd grade level. Disappointing our parents since the mid to late 70's.

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