liberated syndication


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Demokratycznie o zdrowiu

Ochrona zdrowia to kompromis ambicji i możliwości. Jakość tego kompromisu zależy od kompetencji, zdolności dialogu, wrażliwości i wytrwałości. Chcemy, by był jak najlepszy dla pacjenta. Monitorujemy wydarzenia, wskazujemy problemy, identyf...

Onion Juice Podcast | Real Estate Agent Coaching | hosted by Neil Mathweg

If you’re a real estate agent or broker this show is for you! Onion Juice is both a podcast and a movement, designed to wake up and redefine the real estate industry. So we can build a business we truly love, make a greater impact, while eliminatin...

Entrepreneur Stories

I sit down with entrepreneurs to discuss the different pathways they followed to start a company or break out in their career. We also discuss the challenges they have faced and what they have learned along the way.

Beyond the Black Stump

A podcast about learning, leadership and the limitations we impose on ourselves. The idea of the "black stump" is an Australian colloquialism, it is used to describe the limits of the mapped or surveyed area. The term seems to be derived from the ...

The Llama Commerce Show

Demystifying eCommerce Into Actionable Bites.

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