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Tell Your Friends! History's Greatest Podcast!
Released on Jan 14, 2013

In this week's issue, Liam McEneaney interviews singer/songwriter Mike Doughty (ex Soul Coughing, The Book of Drugs, The Flip is Another Honey) about vacationing in Southeast Asia and what it means to "be the only white man in the movie," getting his start in the avant-jazz scene of the Knitting Factory in the '90s, and how Beavis & Butthead were the only critics who got it right.

Mike also sings a couple of songs, one that he cowrote with an unlikely trio and one that was commissioned for the Twilight soundtrack.

Plus, Laura Jayne Martin tell the story of her summer job driving an ice cream truck, and we take a trip down Ted Travelstead's Story Hole

All this and Liam describes his day working as a carnie.


Theme song by A Brief View of the Hudson.