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DKM Hockey Podcast

DKM Hockey Podcast: Episode 7

DKM Hockey Podcast
Released on Feb 23, 2013

In Episode 7 John, Morgan, and Joe pretty much go unscripted for this episode, more than usual.  But tonight has some special features.  During the opening segment the boys revel in the hiring of Jarmo Kekalainen as the Blue Jackets new General Manager.  The second segment starts at 11:50 when the boys review the week that was in Blue Jackets hockey.  The third segment of the show at 30:40 brings the world broadcast debut of Morgan Langworthy's parody of the Radiohead classic, "Fake Plastic Trees" rewritten as "Fake Plastic Blue Jackets."  Say what you will about his singer/songwriter talents, Joe Reader nails it on the guitar.  Then, for the final segment the boys play a little "WWJD - What Would Jarmo Do?"  Braclets coming soon.  You can email the podcast at for any questions, comments, or concerns.