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Tell Your Friends! History's Greatest Podcast!

TYF! BONUS EPISODE #1: Novelization Live with "TV's Frank" Conniff, Todd Hanson, Joe Garden, Maggie Serota, Hand Job Academy, hosted by Heidi Vanderlee, Marlow Riley, and Liam McEneaney

Tell Your Friends! History's Greatest Podcast!
Released on Feb 27, 2013

This bonus episode of the TYF! podcast is a live show recorded at Union Hall in Brooklyn, NY. It's a reading show called "Novelization: The Reading Show Based On The Major Motion Picture," an evening of folks reading novelizations based on major motion pictures.

Our next show is March 6th at Union Hall, and features readings from Mike Doughty, Bethany Hall, musical guest The Debutante Hour. For more info and tickets join the Facebook event!

Heidi Vanderlee: Pretty in Pink
Liam McEneaney: Grease
Marlow Riley: Grease 2
Maggie Serota: Rocky IV
Joe Garden: Ghost Dad
Todd Hanson: Saturday Night Fever
Frank Conniff: Krull

Hand Job Academy: an original song based on Twin Peaks