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Tell Your Friends! History's Greatest Podcast!


Tell Your Friends! History's Greatest Podcast!
Released on Mar 4, 2013

Watch that first step, this week's issue of Tell Your Friends! is a doozy!

This week, Liam McEneaney talks to actor, podcaster, and author of The Dangerous Animals Club, Stephen Tobolowsky, about his work on films like Glimmer Man, answers listener questions about his roles on Deadwood and Californication, and one of the most touching Mel Gibson stories you'll hear all year. He also talks about why he prefers auditioning to being offered a role and he tells the unglamorous truth about sex scenes.

In fact, it's only March, but the quote of the year might be: "For you people out there who think you want to be part of a simulated sex scene in Hollywood, let me set you straight." 

All that and a Road Story from Mike Doughty and another trip down Ted Travelstead's Story Hole. 

And Liam talks about helping to scout interns at NYU, and how the NY Mets have the worst ownership in the history of New York sports, and how this might not be the Only Podcast That Matters.

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This week's music:

Stephen Tobolowsky's interview theme is Amazing Grace from the Jerry Garcia/David Grisman album The Pizza Tapes

The Road Stories theme is Country Roads, Take Me Home from Mike Doughty's album The Flip Is Another Honey

And the TYF! theme was written and performed by A Brief View of the Hudson (