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Interview with Brian Anderson, Published Fantasy Author

Blogger Interviews's podcast
Released on Jul 24, 2013

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02:32 - Brian explains the demographic of his readers and what appeals the fantasy genre.

05:24 - He then shares us how he first wrote his book and how he found a publisher.

15:27 - Rejection is part of the process of putting out a book out there and takes a lot of patience as Brian explains.

20:43 - Brian explains how he first approached his publisher for his book the Godling Chronicles series.

21:22 - Brian further shares about his book series, the Godling Chronicles.

26:09 - He then shares about his blog and how he engages his readers through it on a consistent basis.

34:31 - Brian shares his thoughts on the use of social media.

47:50 - Brian's advice on how to break through when you are just starting to blog and write your books.

- Kate :)