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Talk Talk Talk
Released on Apr 6, 2014

Brad Sundberg joined Michael Jackson's recording team during the production of Captain EO in 1985, and remained with Michael as one of his audio engineers and Technical Director for nearly 18 years.  Brad was actively involved in the studio production of four Michael Jackson albums: BADDangerousHIStory, and Blood On The Dance Floor. He also worked on remixes and edits for countless singles, short films, and tour preparations associated with these projects.

His seminars 'In The Studio With Michael Jackson' are considered by fans to be the most respectful and enlightening celebration of Michael's music legacy. To find out more visit or on twitter @instudiowithmj

In our conversation Brad shares rare stories about the King of Pop and reveals a human and heartfelt glimpse into the extraordinary creative world of Michael Jackson.  I take live callers who share their own unique connection to the King of Pop and we talk about his influence on pop culture and as a person of inspiration.