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It's Funny Because

THE HYPE! with Caitlin Gill & Jaime Fernandez

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It's Funny Because
Released on Apr 21, 2014

It's been a long time coming. Caitlin Gill finally sits down and lives up to the hype that's preceeded her, lo these 15 podcasts previous. Find out why comics are always citing her on THIS VERY PODCAST.  Among the topics, holy shit, this happened...

Not to be outdone, Jamie Fernandez is in the Living Room. She and Caitling talk about booking rooms with Keith interrupting to brag about his puns.

A Time to Shill

Oh, Gentle Podcast Listener! What do Patton Oswalt, Dylan Brody, Jackie Kashian, Will Durst, Dana Gould, Melinda Hill, Kyle Kinane, Danny Lobell, Tom Rhodes, Marc Maron and more have in common?* They each have releases from Stand Up!

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*and of course they're all very funny, but you knew that.