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The 'X' Zone Radio Show

2014-05-30 Segment 1 - BRENT HUNTER

The 'X' Zone Radio Show
Released on May 31, 2014

Brent Hunter has made a lifelong pursuit of creating The Rainbow Bridge. With an eclectic professional resume that includes everything from programmer to Chairman, experience as a psychotherapist and National Certified Counselor, and with advanced education and professional certifications in knowledge management and project management, he has continued to find time to make this significant contribution to world peace, thanks to years traveling his own spiritual path. Born part Muslim, part Jewish and raised as a Christian, with a father who had a deep interest in meditation and Buddhism, he has practiced transcendental, as well as other forms of meditation since the of age 12. He has been in pursuit of knowledge and wisdom through intense mental, introspective, psychological, physical, and spiritual studies -- the result of which has culminated in The Rainbow Bridge. "The intention of this book is to create a bridge that will help lead humanity from our current world filled with poverty and violence to a wisdom-based global culture of unprecedented love, harmony, cooperation, and unity," says Hunter. And clearly he succeeded in pointing the way. Says Neale Donald Walsch, New York Times bestselling author of Conversations with God about The Rainbow Bridge: "Once held in your hand, you will hold it in your heart as well and it will illumine your soul." Other prestigious global luminaries join the growing chorus of praise for The Rainbow Bridge.

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