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Horse Rescue Bakersfield Hooves-Paws.Org

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Release Date: 07/08/2014

Horse Rescue Bakersfield Hooves-Paws.Org

Episode #033

Our show is dedicated to a Horse Rescue in Bakersfield.  I have always admired people who actively seek out horses or other animals in need, then help them out.  While there are probably hundreds of these organizations across the country, there is always a need for more.  On todays show we take a look at a local organization here in Bakersfield helping horses.  Affectionately known as Whiskers Paws Hooves and Claws, the group’s website is hooves-paws.org and is a 501c3 non-profit.  Hooves and Paws helps in a number of ways - Whether it’s rescuing horses from an abusive relationship or educating new owners of the basics of horse husbandry.  They started out as just a group of people who saw a need.  They knew they could make a difference.  As an organization, the group soon realized they needed to have a concise and focused mission statement to guide them.  Their mission statement is simple, yet effective:

They want to:

  • Supply financial support to foster homes and assist in horse rescue efforts and rehabilitation.
  • Help with the medical financial burdens of animals suffering from abuse.
  • Support local adoptions by donating funds to lower adoption fees, thus reducing the load placed on animal shelters.
  • Promote a  volunteer program that helps people who have struggled with abuse, medical issues, and other personal hardship's. Their volunteers learn marketing, animal care, particularly horse-keeping,  and public relations through fundraising programs.

Funded through donations, sponsorship, grants, and fundraisers Whiskers, Paws, Hooves, and Claws is making a difference as a horse rescue Bakersfield.

Horse Rescue Bakersfield Success Stories

Horse Rescue Bakersfield
Sampson Today
Horse Rescue Bakersfield
Sampson Before











Horse Rescue Bakersfield
Chance when rescued
Horse Rescue Bakersfield
Chance Today









We caught up with the group’s director, Julie Sugg at a local stable where she boards and cares for  the horses that are part of the organization.

No matter where you live there is a group of people working hard to improve the welfare of horses.  They can use your help.  Look them up.  Help them if you can.  Maybe it’s money.  Maybe it’s a few hours with helping with the horses (is that work? I don’t think so).  Maybe it’s donating an old bit, bridle or saddle for a fundraiser.  Any way you can help would be appreciated.  If you would like to help Whiskers, Paws, Hooves, and Claws head on over to hooves-paw.org and find out how you can lend a hand.  Or, better yet, like them on Facebook at Whiskers, Paws, Hooves, and Claws

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