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Matt Sheridan Horsemanship

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Release Date: 07/15/2014

Matt SheridanMatt Sheridan Horsemanship

Episode #034

Horse and people trainer Matt Sheridan stopped by the Whoa Podcast studios in 2011.  We were there to plug his appearance on an RFD-TV show, but the best part of a sit down with Matt Sheridan is the stories he tells.  Oh, and he has a lot of them.  Matt Sheridan is a fifth generation horseman and I think, if it has been done on a horse, Matt or someone in his family has done it.  Matt's been an extra in the movies.  He's taken a Mustang through the Mustang Makeover project, and he is an AHCA judge.  This is a fun little interview, but we pass - well Matt passes - along some great horsemanship advice.  Matt tells us about his early years in horsemanship.

You can find out more about Matt Sheridan Performance Horses by visiting his Facebook Page.  You can find his five steps to body control on YouTube.  Matt also has a website, Matt Sheridan Performance Horse,  with lots of great stuff and chronicles his training of Luna, a Mustang.

Get a Lesson - Attend a Clinic with Matt Sheridan

Matt SheridanNeed help with your horse or want to improve things like your horsemanship, show, or trail skills?  Matt has a variety of clinics available every year.  Check out his clinic schedule HERE.

If you would like to see what our Clinic Experience was like with Matt Sheridan, check out this video we produced:  Matt Sheridan Trail Clinic


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