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The 'X' Zone Radio Show


The 'X' Zone Radio Show
Released on Aug 12, 2014

2014-08-12 Segment 1 - TARA GREENE - Tarot Reader, Psychic - Tara Greene is a natural born psychic, she remembers that we are immortal souls and multi-dimensional human beings. Tara's entire life is a spiritual quest devoted to self-actualization to help assist to awaken others. Tara has experienced many amazing metaphysical events which have guided and shaped her life. Tara is a certified Transformational Psychotherapist, a professional spiritual psychic and life coach with over 23 years' experience with over 29,000 clients using Tarot, Astrology and Dreams as metaphysical tools. Tara leads corporate communications workshops, women's spirituality workshops, teaches courses and online workshops and leads healing ceremonies in Sedona Arizona. Tara began life as an artist, graduating with Honours from AOCAD. She has travelled to numerous sacred sites where she received transformational initiations. Tara has studied with numerous teachers, Tibetan Buddhist, Peruvian shamans, Psychotherapeutic workshops, Susun Weed, Starhawk, as well as her own spirit guides. Tara apprenticed with and trained in shamanic healing with Oriah Mountain Dreamer. Tara loves to write, sing, drum , and creates CD's of channelled meditations. She writes daily on her blog. She is writing a book about spiritual consciousness.