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Erik Marshall's WET Podcast: Writing, Education, Technology

WET002 - Paul Levinson on writing, technology, music and productivity

Erik Marshall's WET Podcast: Writing, Education, Technology
Released on Sep 11, 2014

For episode #2 of the WET Podcast, I had the great pleasure of talking to Paul Levinson. Paul is a true Renaissance Man. We talked about his academic work, science fiction writing, and musical career. He also gives a lot of great advice about writing and creating. 


My favorite roductivity advice from thie episode: Don’t let social engagements get in the way of writing.

Links mentioned:

KBoards Writer's Cafe (my username is emarsh and Paul's is paullev)

Synchronicity on Buzzy-mag

Elegy in a Country Church Yard, Thomas Gray

Nature magazine studies errors in Encyclopedia Brittanica vs Wikipedia

Wikipedia entry about Nature article

Paul’s Youtube Channel

Paul on Twitter

The Soft Edge New New Media 


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