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Book Vs Movie Podcast

Book Vs Movie "The Firm"

Book Vs Movie Podcast
Released on Dec 20, 2014

The Book: A big time firm based in Memphis, only does tax work and never hires women or people of color draws no suspicion from newbie lawyer until he is in WAY over his head. 

The Movie: Tom Cruise is a crackerjack gymnast/baskbetball star for Harvard (stay with us) who joins THE FIRM and becomes emeshed in their shenanigans. In the meantime he romances every woman he meets and springs his genius brother from jail. 

Show that needs to be on TNT immediatley: The Eddie Lomax Law Firm starring 90s Gary Busey and today's Holly Hunter. 

Warning: 90s fashion, absurd chase scenes and racist sconces abound in the film. 

Book Vs. Movie podcast


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