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Book Vs Movie Podcast

Book Vs Movie "Primary Colors" John Travolta Mike Nichols Joe Klein

Book Vs Movie Podcast
Released on Jan 17, 2015

This episode of Book Vs. Movie we talk about the 1996 Roman a Clef novel "Primary Colors" by Joe Klein which is, let's face facts, his take on Bill Clinton and the 1992 Presidential Campaign.  Then we discuss the 1998 movie directed by the late (and legendary) director Mike Nichols. 

The Margos talk about which they liked better and give all sorts of trivia and behind-the-scenes gossip. 

Also discussed, the aging makeup of John Travolta, "Stuttering" John Melendez vs Gennifer Flowers, the traeatment of gays and minorities in the novel, the wonder that was Larry Hagman, the awfulness of politics and much more. 

We don't beat around the bush here. We dare to answer the question--which was better, the book or the film? See if you agree!

Book Vs. Movie podcast


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