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Savvy Book Marketing for Authors and Self Publishers

SBM007 - Use Press Releases to Sell More Books, featuring Sandra Beckwith

Savvy Book Marketing for Authors and Self Publishers
Released on Feb 8, 2015

Learn how press releases can lead to interviews and media coverage that sells books in this interview with award-winning publicist and author Sandra Beckwith. You'll discover the various types of press releases that are used to promote books, how to write press releases that get results, and the best places to distribute them. Sandra will also offer creative advice on how press releases can be used to promote fiction and children’s books, in addition to nonfiction.

Sandra Beckwith has 25 years of experience as a publicist. While promoting her own books, she has appeared on many national TV talk shows and radio programs and been interviewed countless times for magazine and newspaper articles. These days she spends her time teaching authors how to get publicity.