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The Police Podcast

Episode 15: Dionne Waugh of the Jefferson County Sheriffs Office

The Police Podcast
Released on Mar 6, 2015

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Dionne Waugh cut her law enforcement social media chops in Richmond Virginia where she established a great program. Dionne was instrumental in organizing the Virginia Area Law Enforcement Social Media Working Group to help other agencies improve their voice and create a best practices treasure trove.

Opportunity knocked and Dionne opened the door in a new state hanging a winter parka in the Jefferson County Sheriffs Office where she is helping to build another very sucessful social media program.

Recently, to celebrate #ReadAcrossAmerica, members of the JeffCoSO grabbed some of their favorite books and let their community know, reading is cool.


Dionne has a passion for story telling and building a great realtionship using a combination of great social media backing up real in person interactions.

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