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GW Center for Healthcare Innovation & Policy Research (CHIPR)

Creating Value in Health by Understanding & Overcoming Resistance to De-Innovation

GW Center for Healthcare Innovation & Policy Research (CHIPR)
Released on Mar 11, 2015

Dr Peter Ubel is interviewed by Dr Jesse Pines about his paper (written along with Dr David Asch) in the 2015 issue of HealthAffairs "Creating Value in Health by Understanding and Overcoming Resistance to De-Innovation". 

Innovation is a hot topic in healthcare. Everyone wants to come up with the latest and greatest tool for providing better care or more efficient care... but what if the way to create more value was actually through unadopting widespread practices? As challenging as it can be for new medical practices to become widely adopted, psychological biases can actually make it even harder for clinicians to give up old habits, even when new evidence reveals those practices to be of little value. 


Dr Ubel is a professor of business, public policy, and medicine at Duke University, and Dr Pines is a professor of health policy, and emergency medicine at The George Washington University, as well as the Director of the Office for Clinical Practice Innovation.