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Will Sean Podcast?

Ep. 165 - Jim D'Amato - Special Victim Artists

Will Sean Podcast?
Released on May 11, 2015


Jim D’Amato is a New Tork based artist whose works straddle the line between the sinuously organic and the geometrically artificial. He’s also our guest this week. We talk art. It gets heady. Also, he’s our first phone-in guest in over a year. Technology FTW. May weather and Pacquiao has their historic “Fight of the Century,” and everybody lost. Pacquiao’s name has way too many vowels. You don’t realize it until you type it out. Is there a pop culture figure you admire who, if they criticized your work, it would sting more than if it came from someone else? Prom invites are getting out of hand. Slow your rolls, High Schoolers, it’s all downhill from here. Frozen pizza thieves are on the loose in Alaska! Hide yo’ wife! Hide yo’ kids! Hide yo’ pizza!