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Ep 32: The Dallas Police Under Attack and Fredricka Whitfield

The Police Podcast

Release Date: 06/15/2015

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I woke up yesterday morning to a Twitter stream full of one of the worst things possible in my mind...a police department under attack by a man with assault rifles and bombs.

By now most of us know the story of James Boulware and his attack on the Dallas Police Department. 

I became aware of it because of the awesome feed by the Dallas Police Department and Major Max Geron on Twitter.

It didn't take long to see a few tweets and turn my office into an information centre for streams on Facebook, Twitter, Periscope and Instagram.

As the day wore on and it went from breaking information to re-caps, CNN personality Fredricka Whitfield decided a good way to describe Boulware was as, "...courageous and brave..."

As I said on Twitter, could you imagine what CNN would do if a police department said something like that? They would have live reporters out front of the department interviewing everyone they could who hated the police demanding the police department be shut down, investigated by the DOJ and all members charged for crimes against humanity.

But now, 36 hours later, nothing from CNN and an apparent, I "mis-spoke" from the reporter.

Here's the clip just in case anyone thinks that her words are taken out of context. 

But let's never forget, she has a right to say those words and every police officer worth their weight in gold will protect that right even if they don't agree with her.

Thank you police, everywhere. 

UPDATE: June 14 2015...

Ms Whitfield and CNN agree that this is an appropriate apology. I think it's an even greater insult to be so flippant and arrogant. What are your thougts?


UPDATE: June 18, 2015...
I missed this when it happened but since I called out CNN and Ms Whitfield for their words and actions, the very least I can do is also share the reversal.