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Will Sean Podcast?

Ep. 174 - Kelsey Cook - Back, But No Better

Will Sean Podcast?
Released on Aug 3, 2015


Kelsey Cook (@kelseycook) is our first guest back after summer break. She travels the country opening for Jim Norton, and hosts a weekly podcast, Cook’d, where she grills other comedians to reveal their naughty secrets. Also, she’s a professional foosball player! That’s right, the table game with the plastic men skewered on metal rods. We get deep inside the science of “The Beautiful Table Game.” Sean just came back from two weeks in Europe, I know, asshole, right? We share travel stories. Harper Lee’s “sequel” to “To Kill a Mockingbird” was released, and guess what - Atticus Finch is now a card carrying racist. So…glad that happened. Netflix keeps jacking their prices up, and someone is not happy about this. Bring us the head of F.W. Murnau!!!