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The Pepper On Sports Podcast

The Pepper On Sports Podcast Episode 9

The Pepper On Sports Podcast
Released on Aug 17, 2015




Sage Rosenfels spent 12 years as an NFL quarterback.  From his role as Brett Favre's backup to his opinion of former teammate Adrian Peterson in the wake of a child abuse scandal, Rosenfels shares stories and observations from the front lines of football.  Rosenfels dishes on Roger Goodell and Tom Brady and provides a unique perspective on the culture of religion in football in the context of Arian Foster "coming out" as an atheist.  


ESPN's Sarah Spain and Bloomberg View's Kavitha Davidson join me for a roundtable chat spanning the sports universe. We cover our bases with teammate-on-teammate crime, violence on and off the field, the role of Ronda Rousey in sports and society, how and why a new era of baseball is being watched by an older audience and social media's dual role of good and evil in sports. 


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Podcast Illustration by Lauren Purves


Voice Over intro by Chaz Kelly