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The Hunting Dog Podcast

Steve Snell on Dog gear, and other stories

The Hunting Dog Podcast
Released on Aug 27, 2015

I have a great conversation with Steve Snell from Gun Dog Supply,  We cover tons of equipment and great hunting stories. From boots to vest, GPS, training collars, first aid, a little how to.. and a great story on saving one dog and almost losing another in the Texas brush country. You will learn something for sure on this one. Steve and family operate GDS as their parents have since 1972. They test everything they sell. and by that I mean Steve hunts over 100 day a year with wide ranges of dogs. According to Steve.. "these are considered work days"  I call bull on that... enjoy. And please if you listen on I tunes, leave us a rating and review. I hate it when the fluffy dog podcasts, get higher ratings than HUNTING dogs.