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Vajra Body Vajra Mind podcast

Spitting Out The Bones with Genpo Roshi

Vajra Body Vajra Mind podcast
Released on Oct 7, 2015

Genpo Roshi joins us again to share his current reflects and practice. He shares with us a koan about once your inner self is free, then we can really start to make peace in our most personal relationships.

We also discuss:

  • Going from the "Drama Triangle" to the Dharma Triangle".
  • Review the 4 causes of suffering
  • What is a mature Bodhisattva
  • Learn to empower our powerlessness
  • Once we surrender there is no contracted self left and we become one with the cosmos
  • Finding the part of our self that is truly innocent
  • Other power and self power
  • How the voice of the "Way Seeking Mind" and the "Big Mind" relate to the triangle
  • Feeling stuck after "arriving"
  • Living in the absolute, we lose empathy
  • The stink of spiritual practice
  • How Roshi found his deepest sitting
  • Learing to find pleasure in life and practice.

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