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Hunker Downcast Episode 1.5 (Freebird rules)

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 10/15/2015

Episode 1.5

- Subtext of misogyny in Back to the Future movies

- Mary Steenburgen is hot

- Streaks should stay

- Fuck Boston
- "Freebird rules"
- Schmaltzy Jeff likes to vote

-  WTF is an AltWeekly?

- An AltWeekly in New Orleans is Clancy
- Dardenne is a safe, even handed, non boat rocker

- Jeff reads an editorial with melodrama

- Jindal is Stannis

- Gambit is chickenshit

- Oh, there was a Democrat debate
- Jeff wont finish his list

- Drug testing welfare recipients isn't conservative
- F.L.A.

- Dardenne is a dick

- Jeff is so drunk

- More endorsements stuff

- Who writes this Times - Picayune shit?

- Vitter is an asshole

- Everything the Times-Pic says is bullshit

- Gambit is a pleaser

- A Langston Hughes poem

- Who is the optimist here?