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PPT028: How to Set Broiler Prices That Show a Profit

Pastured Poultry Talk

Release Date: 11/14/2015

In episode 12 of Pastured Poultry Talk, Grady (gradyphelan.com) and Mike (millsidefarm.com) used a profit of $5 per bird to calculate the paypack on equipment purchases, particularly pasture shelters. In this episode, we walk you through the "how to price your pastured poultry" to determine what you need to charge in order to realize a $5 profit margin (or any profit margin, for that matter).

So, grab your pencil and calculator and join  us. In this episode, Grady is quick on the calculator and crunches numbers as soon as they hit his ears, or so it seems.

Grady and Mike, despite having different production scales and methods, have similar costs in many areas. Find out where they differ and how that difference influences the production cost, which influences the profitable selling price.