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Greenroom Conversations

S02E08 - Adam Kantor

Greenroom Conversations
Released on Nov 22, 2015

About our Interview with

This week we chat with Adam Kantor who is currently in previews of Fiddler On The Roof, playing the role of Motel. Adam talks about the challenges of finding his way in creating a role for an original Broadway revival. He also discusses traveling to Eastern Europe as both a personal journey as well as preparation for bringing more honesty to his portrayal of Motel. We also discuss reminding yourself that “You are enough,” even at times when you don’t feel that way. Adam offers a great example of this during his disastrous put-in rehearsal for his Broadway debut in Rent, when Michael Greif pulled him aside at intermission with some words of encouragement. Adam also discusses the role of mentors on his life, not being above an open call, and how it is good to be, “Always learning, always growing, always getting outside of yourself.”

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