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Nashville Rewind

#16 Season 4 Episode 8

Nashville Rewind
Released on Dec 1, 2015

Unguarded Moments is the title of this week's episode.  Maddie gets her hair done (like Juliette) and steals her sisters phone to text.  Rayna works hard as a producer for Markus' album.  Deacon works hard on his new bar.  Will tries to hide that he is working on writing a song.  Avery is working on jingles.  Gunnar is working on Erin. Scarlett is working on her relationship with Dr. Caleb (not very hard). Erin makes a critical mistake at her job.  Markus gives great advice.  Rayna and Deacon decide to offer a contract to the girls on the very shaky Highway 65 label.  Luke works on his relationship with his son, Colt. 



All I want is Us Tonight--Markus

Plenty Far to Fall------ Gunnar & Scarlett

History of my Heart----Avery