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The Hunker Downcast

Episode 3.5 We Know Where The Turkeys are Buried

The Hunker Downcast
Released on Dec 4, 2015

A different kind of Freebird. (Jeff and Alli. No Varg this time)

So Louisiana elected a new Governor and sent David Vitter off into the great beyond and it is at least partially due to Bobby Jindal saving the day. Now it's up to John Bel Edwards and his friends at Confederate General Hall to Make Louisiana Great Again.

It was Thanksgiving weekend and we have many many recipe minutes to share. One of those involves burying turkeys in the back yard and... waiting for them to sprout.. or something.

In sports, Les Miles Lives! The Detroit Lions have a fun fight song. Huey Long invented great football fight songs. "John Bel" is in the great tradition of Louisiana Governor names.

Finally, some extended commentary on the crime of refrigerating tomatoes. (As seen on Shutdown Fullcast)

Next week... Episode 4? Or do we examine Zeno's Paradox again?