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The Hunker Downcast

Episode 4: Monument Bingo

The Hunker Downcast
Released on Dec 11, 2015

Hey congratulations to us on not even knowing what number episode this is supposed to be. We're gonna celebrate by drinking. Thanks to the listeners. If you are a listener we will probably say your name on the show.

Mid-City looks a lot like Metairie these days. The Greenway is nice but...

Aaaanyway let's talk about Confederate monuments. The City Council held like the 50th public hearing on monument removal Thursday night and Engineer Pat created a Bingo board for those of you playing along at home.   (Of course every player blacked out the board by the end.) In any case, we liked watching the hearing. It was fun to watch people we know on TV. It was also fun to watch some people we don't know say crazy things. Also, learn about the French Revolution in your spare time if you have any. Meanwhile, LaToya Cantrell wants to be mayor. That might mean something here.

Some people who live in the Lower Pontalba apartments are getting their rent jacked up.  One of them thinks Jackson Square is a "cesspool." Varg takes issue with that. Jeff has difficulty pronouncing the word, "Pontalba" It is legal to edit Wikipedia pages. 

In sports, we lament the demise of the USFL 30 years later because Donald Trump is the worst. Steve Spurrier might have been a fun NFL commissioner. The Saints are bad, still. Brandon Browner is not particularly great. Sean Payton may or may not be sleeping with his possibly imaginary esthetician. There are 4 games left but the Saints have already shut it all down for the year.

Notre Dame lost to Stanford which is a thing they don't like to do. Alli explains some bowl pairings and the College Football playoff. Apparently, people like Michigan State. We ruminate on Tiger Stadium memories and try to find out if people can hear a photograph we are looking at.

This week's Are You Not Entertained segment finds Varg checking out the holiday decorations and cocktail service at the Roosevelt Hotel. What is the correct seasonal liquor?  What is the correct "old man" liquor? What is the correct "cool weather" liquor?  What is the correct "the Saints are having a shitty year" liquor? One festive holiday activity at the Roosevelt involves watching drunk people do faceplants.

Alli visits Houston and has fun there. They have an Ikea and some tacos and other starches and breads. There's also food you can buy between Houston and here. Alli shares a very short Recipe Minute.

Jeff went to a bar and endured multiple Scott Weiland jukebox tributes.

Which famous musician dies next? Tweet us your thoughts!


Jeff has had so much beer that he cannot pronounce the word, "Jivewire."  Also, check out the fancy acoustic Stone Temple Pilots bumper music courtesy of Engineer Pat. Thanks again, everyone for listening!