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The Hunker Downcast

Episode 5: The Hunkerdowncast Holiday Special

The Hunker Downcast
Released on Dec 24, 2015

So it's Christmas Eve Eve.. or as the popular culture has deemed it.. Festivus.  Are we recording tonight from Carrollton? West Carrollton?  Hollygrove?  Varg thinks it's "the non-shooting side of Hollygrove" but the map may not agree.

This week we're gonna just take Twitter questions for a while. Thanks to Tim and Karl and also Shira for your submissions.

Varg very badly wanted to be the mastermind behind the scenes profiting from the monument controversy but it didn't quite work out.

The Confederate Museum has become the "Up" house.

"Aggressive tweeting" is usually not a good outreach strategy. If you'd like to be on the show tweet at us tactfully in 2016.

Jeff and Pat are the Pullman/Paxton of the Hunkerdowncast Universe. Various other famous (and not so famous) people look like other famous or not famous people. For instance, Alli has a thing for Kliff Kingsbury and/or Ryan Gosling. This leads to us looking at our phones for a while.

The Texas Tidy Bowl is coming. Texas Tech cunningly plays no defense. Les Miles goes Christmas shopping in the way that you would expect Les Miles to go Christmas shopping.

Is Drew Brees gonna play or what?  Do you even need a plantar fascia anyway? The Saints' season wasn't good but this doesn't mean it was boring. We re-cap some of our favorite moments.

Marques Colston is old.  Varg asks for help differentiating Ralph Marbrough from Bradley Warshauer.  Anyway.. Marques Colston is old.

What is the best local Holiday recording?

Varg likes this song.  Varg actually has a whole list. Alli forces us to talk about the 12 Yats of Christmas.  We discuss our Christmas plans and try not to be too glum about it despite the crap weather. Everyone seems like they're in a strange mood about it.  Varg hates Mr. Bingle, for example, and he takes it out on the LaBordes for some reason.

In "Are You Not Entertained" this week, we all went to a soccer game which was ruined by Tom Benson somehow.  In a related matter, Varg once tripped while wearing an alligator costume. Also the St. Louis Cathedral is a crappy music venue.

Congratulations to Alli on her academic achievement. But more importantly, Jeff is still really sick of Bronze Tom.

Recipe Minute with Varg's Manhattan-inspired cocktail.

Jivewire (Please get out and see Drunk Ros Fest if you can)

Have a great Holiday, everybody. Thanks for listening.