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The Hunker Downcast

Episode 6: The Hunkerdowncast 2015 Year In ... quite detailed... Review

The Hunker Downcast
Released on Dec 30, 2015

Settle in, y'all this one runs long.  But we're sure it's worth it. Probably.  We don't want to get involved in grading this episode or anything but, if we did, let's say it's a solid C.

Just kidding. It's the Hunkerdowncast 2015 Year In Review (Not to be confused with Gambit's "Best of") and of course you will want to listen to the whole two hours.. at your leisure.

In this one, we each take turns sharing our individual lists of the stories and events that made 2015 what it was.  Topics will definitely include but not necessarily be limited to the following.

VARG'S 2015

- Winning Mardi Gras

- Katrinaversary angst and Katrinaversary angst angst.

- The Tenth Rising Tide Conference

- The Smoking Ban

- Jazzfest crowd control

- More layoffs at the Times-Picayune

ALLI'S 2015

- The Lafitte Greenway opens

- The public library millage

- Movies about space

- Exhibit Be

- Twitter comedy

JEFF'S 2015

- The Gubernatorial Election

- Bobby Jindal's (sort of) Presidential campaign

- NOLA Gentrification

- SELA project and road construction

- Monument angst

- Many many sports things

Along the way we learn about how to score Mardi Gras like football. We encourage the public to troll Engineer Pat on the internet. Allen Toussaint maybe sort of drove like an asshole a little bit. Jeff is particular about where he parks his bike.

Assorted media commentary: We really lay into poor Doug MacCash for some reason.  We also get after Jeff Duncan for.. well.. obvious reasons. We're also quite nice to Alison Fensterstock.  Tyler Bridges and Jeremy Alford are working on a book we will want to read.

Varg explains that there are C, B and A level assholes. Alli likes movies that have fun sound effects. Muppet baseball is some sort of a thing. Also, it doesn't matter if you are a child or a city official, you probably will enjoy some art.

Other things happen. Alli explains that the city of New Orleans is built on top of wet coffee grounds. The first hint of the long promised "Moseley on Moseley" sketch appears. Jeff begins the show being kind of mean to Mayor Landrieu but later on is nice to him.

Finally we share some 2016 predictions. And, just in case that isn't enough, we run you through the Jivewire again.

Special thanks to @Peris for the King Cake vape question.  Thanks also to Scott Colesby (@socalledsomeone) for this bluesy "Ace of Spades" cover. And, of course, our friend and honoree @NotBobbyJindal You may pick up your prize if and when we figure out what it is.

Anyway thanks for listening. Happy New Year. Come back and see us in 2016.