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Episode 7: The Mork From Ork Awakens

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 01/09/2016

This week we realize the show's mission to record and examine the process of alcoholic descent into incoherence in its platonic ideal of downward sloping trajectory.  Somehow it makes for compelling radio anyway.  Consider this the Russian dash cam video of podcast episodes.

Alli has jury duty, Jeff has car trouble and Varg has a bathtub. Nobody is really back from the holidays and now we have to start Carnival. In the meantime, Jeff tries to make the show pretend news is happening.

The news: Gene Mills is a terrible person, Jeff is strangely optimistic about the new governor, the river is in flood.  It is suggested that the river can be calmed by throwing a sacrificial football into it.

The other news:  A comically hip Bywater spot closed this week. (Surprise! It was a Pop-Up the whole time.) Everyone shares their favorite Booty's memories. Predictably, Doug MacCash is involved.  Varg recommends several places you can still eat in Bywater. Somehow this leads to Alli explaining what a caganer is and also showing us that she has one.

In sports, Sean Payton really loves potholes. Probably because he's on drugs. Also probably because nobody wanted to hire him... probably also because he is on drugs. 

Meanwhile, thanks to the intrepid reporting of @angrywhodat, we learn that Sean Payton's brother is a vaguely racist  professional magician. Because of course.

Also some college football happened.

Other items of note: Alli's mom says "Phat," Kenny Chesney is the Drake of football, and Varg really likes Les Miles's style. Also Jeff is strangely optimistic about the 2016 Saints.

In this week's Are You Not Entertained Varg has some oysters and harasses Sugar Bowl fans. Jeff and Varg check out the Phunny Phorty Phellows. Alli watches baking shows and plays laser tag.

This segment is where things really start to come off the rails.  Bonus points if you can spot the many edits. Somehow we still manage to learn that Varg really likes scrunchies, Jeff wants to be homeless when he grows up, and that people who live in different regions sometimes talk funny. Also Flora-Bama Chad drops in for a few words.

Jivewire this week features a few submissions this week from Kevin Allman. (Submit your gig to us via twitter, email, etc.)

Alli shares a recipe minute, and then the whole show collapses in the traditional drunken moment of self-actualization.

Thanks again for listening.