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#18 Season 4 Ep. 10

Nashville Rewind

Release Date: 01/24/2016

Join us as we talk about the mid-season finale entitled 'We've got nothing but love to prove.'  Scarlet and Gunnar bring the tour to a close.  Deacon is there to pick up Scarlet. Where is Dr. Caleb?  Meanwhile Markus is missing for sound check and when he gets found by Rayna, he has doubts about the whole country music thing. Meanwhile, Avery finds out Juliette has been in rehab and he is furious with Emily for keeping a secret.  Will has a writing session with Wade Cole and Wade reveals himself to Will.  Luke finds out  he owes 40 million in back taxes.  Unfortunately his quiet plan to sell off assets doesn't work and investors pull their funds from the Luke Wheeler brand.  Luke loses his brand, his girlfriend (Gabrielle), and his son.  Markus has a successful concert, however, he decides to cancel the tour and get back with his band-Boulevard. This leaves Highway 65 in ruins. At he Beverly, the Grand Opening is a success , except for Dr Caleb who learns that Scarlet is breaking up with him.  Avery has a change of heart and agrees to let Juliette bond with the baby.  Frankie's daughter Cash enters the picture and hits off a friendship with Maddie.  Deacon and Rayna have a fight but it is quickly resolved when Deacon proposes to Rayna on their favorite bridge.


Til the Stars Come Out Again ---Daphne

Tonight Feels Different-------Markus Keen

Hand To Hold ----------Scarlett featuring Deacon Claybourne