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Episode 8: Bacchus sucks and other Carnival facts

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 01/29/2016

It's the Great Big Hunkderdowncast Mardi Gras Preview SpectacularFest. Kind of like Family Gras if you could listen to it on your phone.

Segment 1

This show is supposed to be all about Carnival but for whatever reason we start off talking about Star Wars and then go off on several other odd tangents. Learn how Japanese vending machines work. Learn how to read menus. Imagine how Sarah Palin might read your menu to you. That kind of thing. Also Jeff tried to book Donald Trump on the show to no avail.

Anyway let's do Carnival season.  Heavy parading season hasn't even begun yet and Varg's metaphorical football team is already in cap hell. Alli marched in Krewe Du Vieux. We re-cap that as well as review KDV in general. Parade was good. Jeff took shitty pictures of it. Flickr is the Abe Vigoda of social media.

We talk for a while about which celebrities are dead and which are not dead. We also find a song about dead Abe Vigoda  co-written by our dearly departed friend Greg Peters which you may enjoy.

Krewe of Spank's theme may of may not have killed Varg's FloraBama Chad character. We do know that they've proved beyond any doubt that #KreweOfChad has arrived and gone big time. Meanwhile, we suggest that there also exists a "Krewe of Courtney" and decide that the Hunkerdowncast audience will henceforth be known as Tim en 'em.

Varg and Alli talk about the David Bowie second line which they participated in.. insofar as they were out in the crowd while it was happening.  Varg previews his Chewbacchus costume which is apparently, this. Chewbacchus is super huge now. Does this prove we can still have multiple parade routes?

Segment 2

There might be hidden tracks in your "Da Mayor/Big Freedia/Chewbacca In Your Pocket" thingy so try to find those.  Try and pair different beers with cookies and see what you can find. AANYWAY more Mardi Gras.

Alli once yelled at this year's King of Bacchus at a Saints game for dissing Marques Colston. Varg tells us about previous Kings of Bacchus who were good. Which is nice because this year's cannot possibly be.  This is going to be one of those years where Bacchus goes up against the SuperBowl. Is there a way to handle that? Yes there is

How do you best capture the moment on Thoth/Bacchus Sunday?

How do you train your body in the weeks leading up to heavy parading season?

What are your favorite parade watching rituals?

Which parades do you hate?

Segment 3

Are You Not Entertained

Varg is entertained by some Chads at a Rebirth show. It's always a good idea to threaten to shoot first and ask questions later. Other things happen. Movies and whatnot.

Then there's the Jivewire.

And then there's a quick look ahead to the Iowa caucus. And then that's it for this week. Thanks for listening, Tim en 'em!