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Episode 8.5-A The Mardi Gras Superkrewe Review (First Unit)

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 02/15/2016

Alli is still wiped by Mardi Gras so it falls to Varg and Jeff to re-cap the whole thing in this extra long Freebird episode. But first Jeff insists on mentioning the fact that politics are happening and saying a few cursory things about the looming state budget process. That out of the way, though, the drinking can begin. And it does and it goes on for a very long time. We recorded all of it and broke it out into three separate mini-episodes for your convenience.  Think of this as one large compound float of Carnival reminiscence.

In this, the first part, Varg tells about marching in Chewbacchus as well as the inspiration behind his Prince Voltan costume, the delicious treats available there, and the experience of being rescued by a squad of Jedi.  Chewbacchus is more chaotic than it appears.  People get lost, floats malfunction, an out of control rocket cycle wreaks havoc.  

Jeff reveals that he has seen almost all of the Uptown parades and ranked them  The first weekend is a time to get used to parading, walk up and down the route and get the lay of the land. Sometimes there are interesting items for sale.  Krewe of Freret seems like it is in pretty bad shape what with not having any riders and all.  We talk some shit about the parades at the bottom of the rankings.

After that we decide to take a break.   Catch part two of our Superkrewe in the next upload.