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Greenroom Conversations

S02E21 - Carl Riehl

Greenroom Conversations
Released on Mar 7, 2016

Accordionist, Carl Riehl, joined us in the studio to share his story of a dual career as a Lawyer and Musician. Composer of three off Broadway musicals and commercial jingles, he always followed his mantra to pursue any interesting opportunity that comes along that he can do or learn how to do. He talked about; his transition from classical piano to the accordion, his current instrument choice, how he landed the “An American in Paris” gig, the accordionist network in Manhattan, physical injuries caused by playing the accordion, different schools of accordion technique, diversity of repertoire with the accordion, creating performances venues-bands, adjusting as a musician from a classical background into a pop musician, how he learned to improvise, how he practices improvisation and practicing the fundamentals.