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Episode 8.5 - B The Mardi Gras Superkrewe Review (Second Unit)

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 02/15/2016

This is the second of three deluxe recordings of Jeff and Varg recapping Mardi Gras (Freebird style because Alli is out sick) Check out Hunkerdowncast.com for Episodes 8.5-A  and 8.5-C. They're one big tandem float.

Already many beers in, Jeff expounds on the beauty of standing around outside drinking. Then it’s back into recapping every parade (or at least trying to) in chronological order (which becomes more difficult as the drinking progresses.) We defend the Krewe of Druids’s right to exist and be not very P/C so long as they are at least serviceably clever about it.

We pick on the “Self-proclaimed Superkrewe” Nyx (even though many of our friends rode in it and we had a good time watching.) What is a “Superkrewe”? Lord do we ever examine this mystery.  Every Superkrewe needs: 1) A C-list celebrity, 2) At least one truck with spotlights, 3) At least one stupidly huge signature float 4) Original floats (clever theme preferred but not necessary). 5) To throw heavily. There were probably some other criteria mentioned.

Is Muses over?  Some say yes, Jeff emphatically says no. What is the best way to stage a parade? What is the best way to enjoy a parade?  Should Jeff write a novel about Solange’s ring?

Friday night: Hermes was pretty. D’etat’s parade was almost a carbon copy of Chaos’s. Varg took the night off and yelled at some people camping out for Endymion instead.

Saturday: Iris has navigational issues.  Tucks is the best Tucks ever. Drones and hoverboards everywhere. Varg skipped Endymion to make a costume and to burn things in the back yard (NSFW) Jeff also skipped Endymion. Skipping Endymion might have been the right idea all around given what happened.

Sunday: Varg goes to Thoth and some idiot  has to involve politicized throws. Box Of Wine rituals. Serendipitous Bacchus. Jeff rides that day and brings politicized throws with him.   He also almost has a ruinous experience but recovers. In the past, Varg has lost 2 phones during Mardi Gras which sucks. LaToya Cantrell does not care for the politicized throws.  Bacchus had lasers and shit Folks out on the neutral ground had televisions so you could watch the Superbowl there.  At some point in the infinite universe the Saints will play in the Superbowl in New Orleans on Thoth-Bacchus Sunday.

Finally, we raise the question of whether or not Orpheus belongs on Lundi Gras or should be moved to Fat Tuesday. But we’ll cover that in the next upload.