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Episode 8.5 - C The Mardi Gras Superkrewe Review (Final Unit)

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 02/15/2016

This is the third of three parts to our Mardi Gras review. Jeff and Varg talked for a very long time about every single thing that happened.  (Freebird style because Alli was out sick)  You can find Episode 8.5-A and 8.5-B at Hunkderowncast.com  By this point there has been much drinking over a period of several hours so.. try to bear with us.

Jeff, again, pitches the idea of moving Orpheus to Fat Tuesday night.  Varg hates this idea and does not let up on it at all. Much drunk talking in circles ensues but it seems like this might be an Uptown vs Downtown thing.

It’s impossible to do everything on Mardi Gras Day. Jeff hit the regular tirfecta of seeing Zulu and Rex and the Wild Magnolias signing Indian Red Later on there was the traditional live-tweeting of the Rex ball.

Varg saw many strange things; babies driving cars, people dancing on cars, people twerking on an Uber.. probably some other things involving cars. Varg describes his costume as well as the concept of “accidental larping.”

Jeff reads through his final parade rankings again.   Varg reads through his Mardi Gras rules. (They’re somewhere in his Twitter feed ) We answer a list of Twitter audience questions. (How does Mardi Gras change as we age?  What is the worst Mardi Gras injury you’ve seen? How much crap did you eat this year? What were the best costumes? Politicians in parades? A few others.)  We agree this was a good Mardi Gras… maybe not a great one.

Also thanks to Seth Hitsky and the Black Dragons for the CD. We’ll work it into an upcoming show. 

Thanks again for listening to the Mardi Gras triple episode.