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Episode 9: There must be 400 ways to fix the budget

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 02/20/2016

Alli is back from Mardi Gras or possibly from The Dead. Turns out we were right about Nyx.. at least as far as Gambit is concerned.  We discuss our outfits, Kanye, some other things. Mostly we have no idea how to segue into this week’s agenda which is as follows.

Topic A: The Legislative special session has begun as has much absurd and unreasonable bitching and moaning. A budget crisis is a suboptimal time for a legislative political revolution. Nor is it a great thing to base John Kennedy’s Senate campaign on. “Conrad Appel and his Gang of Gaggling Goofoffs” are mentioned. T-P’s Julia O’Donoghue produced a great pre-session budget primer Someone created a parody Twitter account of John Kennedy’s “400 ways” to fix the budget.

Topic B: The Superdome has been designated an historic landmark.  There are good and bad things about this. We like the Superdome and talk about it. Is the Tom Benson Statue protected? Are there even many “historic” stadiums left? What are your favorite Superdome memories?

Topic C: Varg really liked the Beyonce video that got the whole internet’s attention last week. There was much political and cultural outrage and a little Nolier Than Thouism and whatnot.

Are You Not Entertained: Alli went to the Mary Queen of Vietnam Tet Festival. There were scenesters present. Varg went to Mosca’s. James Carville was not there this time. Varg also saw Hail Caesar. It was “blah.” You could probably sneak into the Prytania without paying. Jeff is looking forward to Stupor Bowl 3 this Sunday at The Fly. Background on Stupor Bowl here.  Some background on the controversy at The Fly here.

Some sort of a song happens

CD Reveiw: Varg reviews Rain All Day by Seth Hitsky and The Black Dragons.

Recipe Minute: Jeff talks about the two pounds of red beans he always makes for Mardi Gras day.

Finally, the Jivewire presented, as always, by Magnolia Builders.

Varg briefly apologizes for leaving the re-verb on in a segment we had to cut. If there are any other audio issues with this episode, consider sponsoring our efforts to improve them.

Thanks, again, for listening!