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Successful Self-Publishing

The Let's Talk Tech Show
Released on Feb 23, 2016

A dirty little secret many of us who are corporate escapees turned solopreneur share is that we hate selling.

We wish that client attracttion was a reality -- that people would hear what we do and whip out their credit card.

One tool that can help position you in a way that truly does attract clients is a book. But it's not a magic wand. It needs to be done right and marketed right.

In this first episode of a three episode mini series, book and product creation expert Bruce Jones talks about the challenges and mistakes often made in producing a book -- especially a Kindle book -- so you don't make them.

Listen to this episode and discover:

  • 3 ideas to use to figure out if you've got a book in you 
  • Tthe ways a book is more than a book (it can become a suite of products)
  • Why every business needs a book and how to use it 
  • Strategies for creating a book that don’t necessarily involve slaving over a keyboard 
  • Common mistakes made creating an ebook (that even experts make) 
  • How to decide what parts of the project you’ll do yourself and what you might want to outsource 
  • Different ways to repurpose a book 
  • The best ways to spend your budget (some things are more important than others) 
  • Ballpark time frames for how long segments of the project will take 
  • Ballpark costs so you can figure out your budget plus the most important areas to spend money on 
  • Tips for speeding up the creation of the material including Bruce’s “45 second strategy for starting your book” 
  • The one thing to never do once your book’s interior is being layed out


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