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Greenroom Conversations

S02E20 - Suzzanne Douglas

Greenroom Conversations
Released on Feb 29, 2016

About our Interview with

Suzzanne Douglas: Suzzanne has a long list of credits that cover film, television, opera, and the stage. She has won awards, and worked with icons such as Gregory Hines, and Sammy Davis Jr. A self proclaimed “Life long learner,” she recently graduated from Manhattan School of Music while approaching the age of 60. Her life experience and new musical tools have allowed her to open up yet another chapter as she just recently signed with a label and is now having her album produced. Listen in to find out why Suzzanne feels being a patron of the arts is so important, why “artist are special and are here to make the world a better place,” and why Paul Gemignani told her she’ll never “have to work for an asshole.” Suzzanne is a lovely, insightful human being; we are sure you’re going to enjoy this episode.

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Suzzanne Douglas