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Dan's BandCampaign Podcast

Dan's BandCampaign Podcast Ep 12 - Uncle Sugar

Dan's BandCampaign Podcast
Released on Mar 10, 2016

Sometimes I'm not sure why I like a song, a band or an album. Sometimes it's an immediate and obvious light bulb reaction. Other times there's just a 'thing', something that is not apparent from the get go but is worth investing time to have another listen or three.

It's never based on the artwork or album title! And thank god for that, as I may have completely overlooked the catchy Beatles-esque synth pop of Uncle Sugar (Greg Warns). His/their latest release "Hourglass" was initially entitled "Don't Listen, Yet!". I thought it was a clever name. Turns out it was more of an instruction as these versions of the soon to be released songs were merely meant for friends to provide feedback before the final mixes commenced. Throw in his penchant for creating album covers on Microsoft Paint (I'm not supposed to mention that!) and I had every reason to pass his music by.

But I didn't and I am glad. Uncle Sugar has a knack for balance - experimental elements woven throughout finally crafted songs that whilst extremely poppy and catchy, never cross the line to novelty of (pardon the pun) saccharine flavoured throwaways.

To make things even better, Greg is only twenty years old, not that that should really matter, but he is also quit prolific with new material being released several times a year.

So check out Uncle Sugar's sugary yet nutrient filled musical goodness! It's a balanced diet for the ears!

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