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Episode 12: Adventures in Lo-Fi

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 04/08/2016

Before you dive into this one you should know the sound is totally crap and that we are well aware.  It’s probably Jeff’s fault. We did what we could to try to make the crap recording listenable. We probably did not succeed at that. It’s a shame, though. Because this was a fun show to record and we can’t bear to shitcan what we think is some good stuff just because it happens to sound like we are all talking into a cassette recorder. So we’re putting it out there anyway.  Think of this one as you might an album from your favorite 90s “lo-fi” indie band.  It takes some work to listen but there may be some reward in it.

Joining us for Episode 12 is Josh Murphey the Magnola Builder himself. We talk to him a bit about recent business. He has brought us some beers and foodstuffs to try and rate. One of those things is a package of dried shrimp.  Mostly the whole first segment is people eating.  Also, this week we took everyone’s suggestions for specialty potato chip flavors. We read a bunch of those on the show.

Denizens of a specific neighborhood uptown nearly rioted over some bread. We rapturously read through and enjoy Brett Anderson’s hilarious article about  the controversy over changes (?) at La Boulangerie bakery.  The conclusions here are 1) Nextdoor.com is terrible. 2) The universe will eventually sort everyone out.

A recent UNO survey says New Orleanians are more pessimistic than they’ve been since 2004.  Crime is a major reason. But does that mean we should be spending more money on police?  Not everyone thinks so. We explain the Police/Fire frankenmillage on the ballot this weekend citing columns on the topic by Bart Everson and Arielle Schecter.

Meanwhile, Mitch Landrieu hasn’t been as visible lately. Is he ok?

Random Festival Generator fun.  Where Are They Now documentary Shrimp and Petroleum Fest queens.

The entertainment segment is now called “Still Steppin Out” or possibly “Steppin on Steppin Out” we really don’t know anymore.

Josh had a long relaxing bike ride around town. Varg went to a Wrestlemania party and officiated a wedding. He also has a new favorite bar. Alli went to Houston (again.) She also put up some shelves and went to the City Park Garden Show. Jeff injured himself running the Crescent City Classic and has concluded therefore that all food is bad. Jeff and Alli went to see the initial production of Bar Politics at Cafe Istanbul.

Josh shares a secret way to listen to some of the extra long Hunkerdowncast episodes.

The Jivewire brought to you by Magnolia Builders LLC

There’s a lot more in this episode for those of you with the fortitude to tolerate the poor audio. But for those of you who would prefer not, trust us, we do not blame you. But please join us next time when we promise we’ll build it better.