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Episode 12.5: From a Remote Location

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 04/23/2016

Varg can’t be with us because he is out mourning the death of an American icon. So this is a Freebird episode. Except Jeff and Alli forget to mention that. Probably because they are distracted by the fact that they are recording from Finn McCool’s.  It won’t be the last distracted moment.

Segment 1

Alli explains how hockey works. The New York Times seems to think Nashville and Magazine is a “remote” corner of the wilderness. Somehow this leads to a long wonky discussion of public transportation policy. RTA is expanding service. Washington D.C.’s transit system is a shit show. New Orleans is taking bids for a “bike share” operator. Other cities have implemented similar programs and so far the death toll is zero. Alli tries to explain that as well as the “stupidly complicated big mish mash” of transit infrastructure funding. And then we need more beer.

Segment 2

Hockey is still happening. Jeff wants to talk about the NFL draft but, it turns out, he has no idea when it actually happens. We decide that the NFL Draft, whenever it happens, does have something to do with Jungian archetypes, though. Alli lobbies once more for drafting Notre Dame players. The Saints might pick another Stanford offensive lineman. Trading up is stupid. The Rams are stupid. Also the Rams are in Los Angeles again. What does it mean?

Jazzfest is starting. Alli talks about everything she’s going to see on Friday. What is it with frat bros and Pearl Jam? After Jazzfest comes the shitty weather part of the year which no one is looking forward to. We kind of lament not getting to hear from Varg about Prince. We do remember that he wrote a song about football once.

And that’s it for this little experiment. We’ll try to be back with a full episode next week. Thanks for listening.