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Episode 13: How We Play Football In North Dakota

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 04/30/2016

Hey we’re all back and we’re here to deliver more hockey talk. Because that is our brand now. No actual hockey is learned. Something about fights, we think.

Segment 1

Varg fends off Prince haters on Facebook. In the haters’ defense, Prince was a Jehova’s Witness, though. The rest of this segment is all Prince.  Prince and gender politics, Prince in New Orleans, Prince at the Superbowl, Prince at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Varg’s personal relationship with Prince. When we get tired of Prince tributes, who do we kill next to change the subject? Varg gives us a re-cap of the Prince second line. Prince wrote a song about the Minnesota Vikings that was pretty bad. Also Jeff confuses the Skids with the Shins.

Segment 2

Jeff and Varg have a wager on the outcome of the Cardell Hayes trial. Law enforcement professionals with Italian sounding names are all the same person. Every character in Lord of the Rings is also the same person. This leads to random movie discussion. Future segment: Engineer Pat Nerdsplains the Movies.

NFL Draft preview.  Because this show is being uploaded after the draft is over, be sure and listen for how wrong we are about everything. Alli reads passages from Carson Wentz’s douche diary. (Every quarterback is probably a douchebag, though.) Donald Trump still has some advice. Varg and Alli have a wager over whether or not Johnny Football ever footballs again.  What does a quarterback’s name tell you about his potential?

Seed Round!

Zephyrs name change

Tulane’s Monkey Disease Disaster

Gusman in federal receivership

State budget shortfall is only $600 million now

Steppin On Steppin Out

Varg saw Dave Rawlings Machine at House of Blues. Are Jazzfest art sales down because BP ad money is gone? Alli went to Jazzfest on a Friday when it was not crowded. SEC Bingo. “Techbro ratio.” Coop’s is authenticity tourist central. Alli also saw Janelle Monae’s Prince tribute Are Pearl Jam fans the new Deadheads? Segment descends into the Jerry Lewis Nirvana tribute.

Recipe Minute

Potatoes au gratin

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And we’re done. Thanks again for listening.