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Episode 13.5: Zweckentfremdungsverbot

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 05/06/2016

Freebird time again. Lance and Jeff. Jeff is always in these for some reason. He is like Tilapia. Also where Varg lives there is a community peacock.

Segment 1 is all politics

We’re recording on the night of the Indiana Primary.  Ted Cruz has dropped out of the race ending one of the worst weeks in the history of politics for any individual.  Varg has prepared a list of the bad things that happened to Ted. And this was before he elbowed his wife in the face. Jeff talks about Vice Presidential follies but somehow has confused Tom Eagleton with Richard Schweiker.  Anyway, watch this video and tell us did Carly fall or did she jump?

Bobby Jindal started the week talking about how to beat Trump. Ended the week saying he’ll vote for Trump. Is Kasich the last best hope?  (Answer is no, he’s dropping out but we didn’t know that yet.)

Hillary vs Trump is a dismal proposition. Is Hillary a lock? Maybe Does Donald Trump really want to be President? Maybe.

Segment 2  

NFL Draft re-cap: The Saints didn’t stupidly trade up. But then they totally did. Jeff is a little weary of the draft day Twitter feuding. Sean Payton made Vonn Bell pull an Uncle Rico. Varg liked (Phillip) Michael Thomas’s Players’ Tribune journal entry.  Thanks to Ryan at Black and Gold Review for humoring us with this “Bell Curve” graph.

This Eric Paulsen story looks suspicious to us for several reasons including the station’s official follow up statement.

Airbnb is all over the news this week. These signs popped up during Jazzfest. STR regulations are back on the City Council agenda this week.  Jeff went to The Lens’s  April “Breakfast With The Newsmakers” event covering STRs. A strict set of regulations took effect in Berlin this week. How does one pronounce "Zweckentfremdungsverbot"?

Sinkholes are one of Varg’s top phobias. New Orleans loses roughly 40 percent of its water to underground leaks. Sinkhole prevention seems like a pretty “shovel ready” project. An engineering pundit guessed the Canal Street sinkhole wrong. Jeff nurtured his own pet sinkhole for 5 years. Are infrastructure failures fun or frightening? Is “Sinkhole De Mayo” a good idea, a bad idea or a nothing idea? What is your favorite sinkhole of all time?

Hipsters again.. blah blah such and such. Life is hard these days for young Millennial termites.

Don’t swim in the Jazzfest mud.  Go see Bar Politics next Monday.  Deurty Boys gallery is moving.

And we’re done. Thanks again for listening.