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Marni Kinrys Interview: That's Not How Men Work [EP 3]

Love Chat with Felicity and Gia

Release Date: 05/10/2016

Listen in to Love Chat Episode 3 where Felicity and Gia interview the delightful Marni Kinrys, host of the top-rated Ask Women podcast and author of "That's Not How Men Work". 

In this candid conversation, Marni shares how women can fine-tune their approach when communicating with men to avoid misunderstandings. These secrets work for all stages of relationships - from dating to marriage.

Plus she shares her celebrity crush...who is the same guy Felicity is crushin' on. 

Learn the reason why women wind up frustrated so often when trying to get through to their guy. Marni's got the insights on how you can prevent communication snafus, trigger his attraction, and make him feel like you are the one woman who totally understands him.

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